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Policies in Panorama Business Lounge

1. The contract for the lease of residential premises is considered to be concluded through an offer posted on the official website of the Business Hall in the contacts section. The contract cannot be concluded in the absence of vacant rooms for rent.
2. The business hall provides the rental of residential premises (furnished rooms) in the premises of an apartment located at the address: Magnitogorsk, Lenin Avenue, 129 Hereinafter referred to as the Business Hall.
3. Business hall opening hours, as well as the checkout time are indicated in accordance with local – Magnitogorsk time.
4. Accommodation of tenants is carried out around the clock by appointment.
5. Registration can be carried out by phone or via the Internet, as well as through online booking systems. Reservations are possible only subject to availability.
6. Subject to prepayment, the reservation is considered guaranteed, and the room is reserved by the tenant until 07.00 am local time of the day following the day of the scheduled arrival, and can be provided to the tenant during this time. Cancellation of a guaranteed reservation by the employer must be sent to the business lounge no later than 24 hours before the checkout time of the day of arrival. In case of no-show of the tenant and / or non-receipt by the business hall of a written notice of cancellation of the booking, the business hall has the right to withhold a fee of 100% of the cost of one night’s stay.
7. Non-guaranteed, but confirmed booking is valid until 21.00 on the day of arrival, later than the specified time the booking can be canceled.
8. Accommodation in the business lobby without prior booking can be provided only if there are free rooms for the days of rent.
9. Room rental is provided to persons who have reached the age of 21 years.
10. Allowed children of any age to live with their parents. Accommodation of children with parents without extra bed is provided free of charge.
11. Upon arrival at the business hall, the employer fills out a registration card of the established form and presents the identity documents: for Russian citizens – a general passport or international passport, for foreign citizens – a foreign passport, visa and migration card. In the absence of documents from the employer and refusal to sign the registration card, the Business Hall has the right to refuse to hire.
12. Panorama business hall carries out migration registration of foreign citizens.
13. When making a hiring, the employer is obliged to make payment regardless of the booking form. The tenant does not move in without payment. The rental price is set by the business hall, and the form and terms of payment are chosen by the landlord. Panorama Business Lounge sets daily wages.
14. The tenant is obliged to pay the lease in full. Form of payment 100% prepayment for the next day.
15. The tenant has the right to terminate the lease agreement at any time by paying part of the amount in proportion to the lease carried out before receiving notice of termination of the contract, but not less than one day in advance.
16. The rent is charged in accordance with a uniform checkout time.
17. A single check-out time in the business lobby is 12.00. Accommodation is provided from 14.00 local Magnitogorsk time. Accommodation before 14.00 can be confirmed as guaranteed and is provided only if there are free rooms and is paid additionally:
– upon arrival from 00.00 to 07.00. – 100% of the cost of one day of hiring,
– upon arrival from 07.00 to 14.00 – 50% of the cost of one day of rent.
18. There is no hourly pay in the Business Lounge. In the event of a delay in the departure of the tenant, the lease fee is charged in the following order:
– until 18.00 – payment for half a day,
– after 18.00 – payment for a full day.
19. Upon check-in, the tenant receives a guest key from the room and the common entrance door of the business hall, as well as a key to the intercom of the entrance door.
20. The Lessee undertakes to maintain the mask regime established in the common areas of the entrance and the elevator. Behave correctly with the tenants of the house, and observe the access control of the entrance.
21. The room is rented solely for the purpose of living. Any other events are prohibited. The tenant can invite visitors to the room and bears full responsibility for them. Panorama business hall registers visitors who are in the room after 23.00 as tenants. The cost of placing an additional person in the room is according to the current rates.
22. In order to ensure order and tranquility, in the period from 23.00 to 07.00 it is prohibited to turn on audio and video equipment at full volume, speak loudly, create any other noise that interferes with other employers of the business hall.
23. For conversations, negotiations, the Business Lounge offers to use the lounge with a fireplace for an additional fee.
24. The service of accommodation for tenants with animals is not provided.
25. Smoking in the living quarters, as well as loggias and terraces is strictly prohibited. The premises are equipped with a fire alarm system equipped with smoke detectors.
26. The procedure for the transfer of living quarters by the tenant without the presence of the Landlord (representative of the Landlord) is carried out in agreement with the Landlord.
27. The Business Lounge is not responsible for the safety of things and valuables left in residential premises. When leaving the house, you must close the doors of the room and the common entrance door behind you with a key, and do not leave the windows open.
28. Upon expiration of the lease agreement, the Tenant is obliged to remove the property belonging to him.
29. In case of discovery of forgotten things, the owner of the business hall (if possible) immediately notifies the owner of the things. If the person who has the right to claim the forgotten thing is not known, or his place of stay is not known, the said thing is kept in the business hall for 2 months. Valuable items (money, items made of precious metals and stones, cinema cameras, etc.) are stored for 6 months.
30. For any questions that arise, the tenant can contact the owner by phone indicated on the official website.
31. The business hall does not provide hotel services in residential premises, does not carry out activities stipulated by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1085 dated 09.10.2015. The residential area is also not a means of accommodation, and is provided solely for the purpose of short-term and long-term rental.
32. All disputable issues between the employer and the business hall are resolved through negotiations, and in case of failure to reach an agreement in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
33. Panorama business hall is a private establishment and reserves the right to choose the Tenant.