Hotel Policies



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1. General hotel policies

1. Panorama mini-hotel is an organization of providing accommodation services located at Lenin Ave, 129, Magnitogorsk, registered on the territory of the Russian Federation and subjects to law of the Russian Federation. Working hours of mini-hotel, and also checkout time are specified according to Magnotogorsk local time.
2. The mini-hotel provides services of temporary residence in rooms.
3. Check-in time is from 8 a.m. to 22 p.m. local time, and book in advance is round the clock.
4. Rooms can be reserved by phone or via the Internet, and also through online booking Booking is possible only if there are available vacant rooms of required category for check-in date and accommodation.
5. Booking is guaranteed by advanced prepaid, and room number remains for the guest till 7 a.m. in the morning local time the day following behind day of arrival date and can be provided during this time to the guest. Cancellation of the guaranteed booking by the guest shall be directed to hotel not later than 24 hours to checkout time of arrival day. In case of not arrival and/or non receipt by hotel the written notification of booking cancellation, the mini-hotel has the right to hold a payment of 100% cancellation of one accommodation day.
6. The non-quaranteed, but confirmed booking is valid till 21:00 p.m. of arrival date after the specified time booking can be cancelled.
7. Check-in at the mini-hotel without advance booking can be provided only in the availability of vacant rooms required category for days of arrival date and accommodation.
8. On the check in day the guest fills in application form and shows ID: they are the civil passport or the international passport for the Russian citizens, and they are the foreign passport, the visa and the migration card for the foreign citizens. The mini-hotel has the right to refuse in check-in without any IDs.
9. The mini-hotel registers citizens of the Russian Federation and submission at local agencies of the Federal Migration Services in states of the Russian Federation of foreign citizens.
10. The mini-hotel concludes the Contract for accommodation in the form of the Receipt agreement in cash payment or the Account agreement and the act of the performed services in cashless payment. The agreement cannot be signed in the absence of vacant rooms for accommodation.
11. The guest is obliged to make payment regardless of a booking form. The guest can’t be accommodated without any payments. The room price is established by hotel, and the form and payment terms is chosen the guest. The mini-hotel establishes daily payment.
12. The guest is obliged to pay for the full amount. A client makes 100% an advance payment for the next day. The mini-hotel does not accommodate without advance payment and not wire money.
13. The guest has the right to terminate the agreement on accommodation at any time, having paid part of the amount at least during a day of accommodation is pro rata to the performed accommodation before receipt of the notice on agreement cancelation.
14. The payment is changed according to single checkout time.
15. Single checkout time is 12.00 p.m. local time. Check in is provided from 14:00 p.m local Magnitogorsk time. Check in before 14:00 can be confirmed as guaranteed is provided only of availability of vacant rooms and paid extra:
– check-in is from 00.00 to 07.00 costs 100% of cost per night;
– check-in is from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. costs 50% of cost per night.
16. There are no charges by the hour. In case of a check-out delay, the payment for accommodation is as follows:
– till 18:00 – a payment for a half of a day,
– after 18:00 – a payment per day.
17. Hotel room key is given after check in procedure.
18. The guest can invite visitors and be completely responsible for them. The mini-hotel registers the visitors who are in rooms after 23:00 as guests. The cost of accommodation of extra person according to valid tariffs .
19. For the purpose of providing an order and tranquility, from 23:00 till 07:00 it is forbidden to turn on audio and video equipment up really loud, to talk very loud, make other noise disturbing other guests.
20. The mini-htel offers to use the hall /lounge with a fireplace as a conference hall for extra fare in order to carry out interviews, meetings, negotiations.
21. No pet allowed.
22. No medical services. Medical services are provided only by the organizations with the corresponding license.
23. Cleaning of occupied room and changing linen are one time in three days. The guest can use a “Clean the room, please!” sign on the door handle from outer side for extra cleaning as required. The hotel room can’t be cleaned, if there is a “Do not disturb” sign on the door.
24. In case of detection of the forgotten things the administration of Mini-hotel (whenever possible) immediately notifies the owner of things. If the person having the right to claim the forgotten thing or the place of his/her stay is not known, the administration of mini-hotel stores the specified thing within 2 months. Valuable things (money, items from precious metals and germs, cameras, etc.) are stored within one year.
25. For further information contact administration by intercom phone line “100”.
26. Сведения о форме и порядке оплаты проживания в мини-отеле, жалобную книгу, а также другую информацию гости могут получить в администрации мини-отеля.
26. The guests can obtain complaint box, information about payment procedure and other details contact hotel’s reception staff.
27. All disputes between the guest and the Hotel are solved by negotiations, and in case of default of agreement, it should be stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
28. The mini-hotel is a private institution and reserves the right the choice of the Guest.

2. List of Services

1. Registration citizens of the Russian Federation and submission at local agencies of the Federal Migration Services in states of the Russian Federation of foreign citizens.
2. Room services and change of towels – as required
3. Change of linen and towels, wipe-down are once every 3 days
4. Liquid soap, shower gel are available
5. Extra hygienic accessories, blankets and pillows – as required.
6. Morning wake-up call.
7. Intercom phone calls within the hotel, incoming calls, city calls to short numbers.
8. Watching TV programs
9. Hair dryer and air conditioning are available for use.
10. Wireless Wi-Fii and the cable Internet are available in hotel rooms and the hall.
11. Available information about city sightseeing, restaurants, leisure-time activities.
12. Newspapers and magazines with tourist information and news, city maps (in the presence of such literature in the hall of mini-hotel) are available for free.
13. Leaflet provides the guests with an overview short description of the mini-hotel.
14. Hotel rooms booking.
15. Correspondence Delivery in rooms, acceptance and delivery of messages for the guest.
16. Leave your valuables in the safe at reception.
17. An iron and an ironing board
18. Washing of personal belongings.
19. Use of tea and coffee station in the hall and all other facilities. Use of the coffee machine.
20. Request for Medical backup / emergency call
21. Household items (in case of their availability), such as an adapter, an air freshener, an umbrella, the fumigant injector, shampoo, a toothbrush and etc.
22. Acceptance and receipt of notes about lost baggage.
23. Request and call up of taxi.
24. Table reservation in any restaurant you like
25. Storage of baggage on arrival day or departure (no more than 24 hours).
26. The wireless Internet connection (in the presence of the PC).
27. Printing , scanning and copying of documents and faxes (up to 5 sheets).

3. List of extra services

1. Domestic long distance and international calls from a reception.
2. Printing, scanning and copying of documents and receipt of faxes (more than 5 sheets of 10 rubles per sheet).
3. Excursion servicing.
4. A transfer to the airport/station. (price for negotiation)
5. A secure parking place (third party).
6. The hall (lounge) as conference hall (after 11:00). The price is negotiable.

4. Fire Regulations

It is strictly obliged to follow the rules of fire safety by everyone and not to allow actions which can lead to fire emergency or ignition.

The Guest should immediately call 100, points out the place of fire emergency, and also reports number of the hotel room, in case of detection of the fire or signs of burning (smoke, smell, increase of temperature and etc)
It is forbidden:
1. Smoking (equipped places only) and use of fire in any open form, and candles.
2. Use of electric heaters for cooking stove only.
3. Storing (using) of combustible gases, easily flammable liquids.
4. Leaving electric devices unattended switched on in an electric network in room (the refrigerator and TV only).
5. Using defective or damaged electric devices and the equipment
6. Eliminating of defects of an electric network and equipment by your own
7. Applying any pyrotechnic and the firework products including using concert pyrotechnics, the burning text, petards, fountains, cold fountains, the battery of salutes, the Roman candles, rockets, FireFalls, palm salutes, spherical salutes, pyrotechnic figures, fan salutes and any other specified products.

5. Regulations of using electric devices

Negligent operation of electric devices can lead to the fire, burn and even to death. Follow rules of using electric devices.

1. It is unsafe to use electric devices with the damaged isolation of a cord. Do not touch bare wires. It is forbidden to use the electric device with the damaged or no isolation!
2. Do not forget to switch off electric devices and electricity living room. The curling iron and iron shouldn’t be plugged in alone.
3. If you become the witness of ignition of the electric device, find a method to plug off and only after that put out the fire, having covered fire or brought down it by towel. Don’t pour the burning electric devices with water.
4. It is forbidden to insert foreign objects into the socket! Watch children!
5. It is forbidden to wrap up light bulbs combustible materials (fabric, paper, plastic tablecloth, etc.)
6. It is forbidden to use the electric device in a shower cabin or lying in a bathtub.
7. Leaving room all electric devices should be pulled out for avoiding from damage against voltage surge.

6. Regulations of personal safety

1. It is strongly recommended to store valuables in the safe of reception. The hotel does not bear responsibility for the things which are not placed in the safe.
2. It is forbidden to store explosive and firearm objects without having corresponding permission to carry them by authorities. The guest should notify the hotel administration before head if these objects are brought with.

7. Responsibility of Mini-hotel and Guest for accommodation

1. The guest has the right to demand follows in case of shortcomings detected:
· addressing deficiencies for free
· corresponding price reduction for accommodation.
2. The guest has the right to terminate the Agreement and to demand a full recovery of losses if the Mini-hotel has not eliminated these defects in due time.
3. Requirements of the Guest about price reduction, and also about compensation of losses caused by agreement cancelation, are subject to satisfaction within 10 days from the moment of their claim.
4. The mini-hotel in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation bears responsibility for the harm done to life, health or property of the Guest owing to shortcomings when rendering services and also compensates the moral damage by violation of the rights of the consumer.
5. The guest in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation indemnifies loss in case of loss or damage of property of Mini-hotel, and also bears responsibility for other violations allowed by.
6. Material damage to property of Mini-hotel is assessed according to “The price list of regrets”;